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[sticky post] [Misc] Masterlist of Fics

Halo there, thank you for visiting my lj and now you're viewing my masterlist of fics xDD. My masterlist is dominated by JoongShim couple (simply cos they're my ultimate otp ^^;). Other pairing include OnKey, YooSu, HoSu and 2U. Albeit all the flaws on my stories I still want to make this masterlist as a motivation for me to keep writing and do better in the future.

So, here goes my masterlist from newest entries to the oldest.

Dig into it....Collapse )

[Misc] Oh gosh..

Oh gosh.. How should I start this post?!

Oh well, I know I said I'm back and I'll be more active in JoongShim fandom. Sadly, that didn't happen as planned. Real life has been so shitty that it drained out all of my energy. I still kept retweeting and posting stuffs on tweet since that the easiest thing to keep updating myself with Jaejoong or Changmin or JoongShim related stuffs. Other than that, I pretty much fucked up at anything else. Even I couldn't finish these JoongShim fics I wrote when I'm totally aware JoongShim deserves more love than this. Oh gosh.. it's hard. Really hard.

On another note, I got a new job already but it's a crappy one. The company ain't being transparent during the recruitment process and now I got stuck doing a higher position job than my previous one, however, with an even more crappy payment. Life been miserable now. And yeah, don't tell me about Jaejoong's enlistment because that would make me cry a river. I won't be seeing him for two years. And Changmin is coming to Thailand for a concert with TVXQ. Oh gosh..

I should be happy. But oh gosh.. A lot of "gosh" already. I better cut it here :(

[Misc] Revamp!

My plan right now is to revamp this livejournal.

So, what I'm gonna do is...Collapse )

[Misc] Happy Xmas 2014!


Happy Christmas! May this Christmas brings us the gifts of joy, happiness and good health. God bless us all :)

[Misc] What's up!

So, how should I start this post? How about a "hi"? Haha.. If anybody reading this, I just want you guys to know that I'm still around. Been busy that I barely have time to browse around, let alone updating my livejournal but umm.. I just quit my job, grrr. Hence, I guess I'll have more time to take care of my quite abandon livejournal haha.. So, I'll see you around then :)
Take note:
1. This post contains of JoongShim psd.
2. Prepare yourself for smexy JoongShim *smirks*
3. Please credit properly if taking out!
4. Last but not least, enjoy and happy viewing ;)

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